6 Ways the Stratasys Origin One® Helps You Experience Next Level Part Production!

Stratasys announced its acquisition of Origin in December 2020, as part of its strategy to maintain its lead position in polymer 3D printing for manufacturing. The Stratasys Origin One® is the first printer resulting from the partnership.

An enhancement of the pre-existing Origin One®, it comprises a larger build envelope along with software workflow upgrades. Check Out 6 ways as to how this powerful workhouse brings about next-level part production:

1) Materials with Unique Properties

Origin One® Stress Top Clamp

The Stratasys Origin One® produces fine features, solid cross-sections with excellent surface quality comparable to that of injection moulding! One of the highest performing materials in terms of mechanical properties is the 3955 from Henkel’s LOCTITE® brand which has a very high temperature resistance (HDT > 300⁰C), high stiffness and meets flame, smoke and toxicity standards for demanding applications.

2) Industry Leading Accuracy

Origin One®’s Programmable PhotoPolymerization Technology

An evolution of digital light processing (DLP), Origin One®’s proprietary Programmable PhotoPolymerization P3™ technology precisely controls light, heat and force, amongst other parameters, to build parts with consistency in details and sizes.

3) Impeccable Surface Finishes

Clear Surface Finishings

The tightly synchronised print process includes pneumatic controls to reduce pull forces during the print process, hence ensuring exceptional surface quality, without comprising on the speed or isotropy of the part(s). The Stratasys Origin One® is capable of printing excellent surface quality, comparable to that of parts printed using injection molding!

4) Design Freedom for Part Geometries

With the Stratasys Origin One®, the advent of the Programmable PhotoPolymerization P3™ technology cures liquid photopolymer resin with light via Origin’s closed-loop feedback software. The build-in software is equipped with everything that you will need to know…To get started on 3D printing of small, fine detailed parts on the Stratasys Origin One®.

A Wide Range of End-Part Productions

Easily print features as fine as a strand of hair or as large as solid large moulds in the size of a build area, with exceptional consistency.

5) Consistency and Throughput

The Stratasys Origin One® creates parts by curing a shallow tray of liquid resin, one layer at a time. This translates to the possibility of manufacturing as many parts as can be fitted into the build platform at one point of time, per load.

Printing of Swabs on the Stratasys Origin One®

The Origin One’s proprietary PhotoPolymerization P3™ technology utilises computer vision and more than 25 environmental sensors to monitor and respond to every important aspect of the print process. Combined with automatic pressure, pull force and temperature regulations, these pertinent conditions can be well programmed and controlled to ensure the first part is the same as the last.

6) Prints ranging from Fine Details to Large Moulds

Prints Ranging from Fine Details to Large Moulds

The Stratasys Origin One® is capable of printing difficult geometries without supports, as well as parts with fine features. Easily print features as small as a strand of hair or as large as solid large moulds in the size of a build area, with exceptional consistency. Keen to know more about the Stratasys Origin One®?

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