5 Reasons Designers Should Choose the Stratasys J55™ Prime!

The Stratasys J55™ Prime extends the Stratasys J55™’s capabilities of offering visual full colour to tactile, functional and sensory efficacies! Here are five reasons why the J55 Prime is an upgrade worth considering:

1) Accurately simulate product packaging with realistic colour combinations, texture and/or transparency

Not only is traditional prototyping for consumer product packaging costly and time-consuming, all-white model prototypes are limited in their prototype messaging. With PolyJet printing on the Stratasys J55™ Prime, designers can easily produce complex, full-colour and/or high-transparency 3D packaging!

With full-colour and texture realism, the Stratasys J55™ Prime can produce more than 650,000 colour combinations, print five resins simultaneously and create multi-material capabilities. Experience retail-ready prints like no other, which will impress your stakeholders right from the product packaging phase!

The Stratasys J55™ Prime is PANTONE validated with the Pantone Matching System (PMS) colours available for 3D printing, with the ability to print in RGB, CMYK, Pantone or virtually in any pattern.

2 ) Stratasys Design Realism

The Stratasys J55™ Prime gives designers full CMF (colour, material, finish) capabilities. Leveraging on high-quality PolyJet materials which span a full range of textures and degrees of transparency with the VeroClear and VeroUltraClear, experience a universal language of colour that fulfills realistic and reliable quality across every stage of the design process.

3) 5X more Design Iterations

With the economical DraftGrey material, concept models can be designed and iterated faster and more often. Get five times’ more design iterations within the time required to make a single prototype using traditional methods.

4) Full-Colour 3D printing that is tactile and functional

With new materials including Elastico™ Clear and Elastico™ Black, Vero™ ContactClear and VeroUltra™ family of materials, the extended set of materials for the Stratasys J55 Prime caters to glass and rubber-like textures as well as high-impact materials to create full-colour, tactile and highly functional 3D prototypes.

5) Realise your wildest ideas through printing!

With the implementation of the WSS150 material which was developed to assist users in removing support material from their prints using just tap water alone, designers have the freedom of creating prints with delicate, complex structures or with intricate details and channels. With high quality, full-colour materials and realistic surface finishing, the Stratasys J55™ Prime lets you create parts that look, feel and even function just like the real thing!

6) Fuss-Free maintenance

With an easy-to-service, automated print head calibration and routine cleaning wizard, spend less time on maintaining your machine and more time on printing! Interested to know more? The Stratasys J55™ Prime will be exhibited at our booth at the upcoming ITAP 2022 from 18 to 20 October 2022. Come visit us to know more about the latest 3D printing solutions which cater to current industry demands.

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