Creatz3D User Conference 2015


Versatile, innovative and efficient- these were the characteristics of the various 3D Printing solutions showcased at Creatz3D User Conference 2015. Held at Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay on 18th September, Creatz3D User Conference 2015 was a monumental, annual event whereby we were able to engage with our users while sharing Creatz3D’s knowledge and insights of the latest 3D Printing trends and applications.

During the conference, attendees were treated to an extensive array of programs with various topics, ranging from in depth case studies about specific 3D Printing applications to the identification of potential market opportunities. Through these speaking sessions, attendees were able to find out more about the different new ways in which 3D Printing Technology can boost productivity and facilitate an improved workflow. Moreover, as majority of the speakers were also (our) users themselves, attendees could relate more to the content being presented and gain a better understanding of how our 3D Printing Technologies and solutions can be more effectively applied to their businesses.

For instance, Jasper Galvin from Wong Fong Engineering Works Pte Ltd shared his experience on how 3D Printing Technology solved their dilemma of creating an ideal tailgate that was not only light but functional, hence resulting in faster production time and increased product effectiveness.

In addition, users were also able to learn more about the different types of grants and funding available through the talk conducted by Chun Yuan from e2i, thus enabling them to better evaluate the feasibility of prospective 3D Printing solutions while simultaneously becoming aware of the unexplored 3D Printing applications and opportunities.

Aside from that, vendors offering a variety of post processing services such as polishing, sanding and hydrographic printing were also present at Creatz3D User Conference 2015. Brought in by Creatz3D, the vendors were there to showcase their products and services to our customers so that they are able to further realize the potential of their 3D printed parts.


Furthermore, detailed explanations of 3D Printing applications such as Investment Casting, Thermoforming and many more were also displayed alongside our 3D Printed models/samples at Creatz3D’s own booth at Creatz3D User Conference 2015. Varying in shape, size and function, the 3D Printed samples were aplenty and attendees were able not only able to see but also touch and feel them as well. As a result, attendees were able to acquire knowledge about the various uses of 3D Printing Technology while stimulating their five senses, making for a fulfilling experience.

Most importantly, through this event, we were able to exchange ideas with our users and assist them in the maximization of their full potential through 3D Printing Technology, leading to better efficiency and enhanced product or service quality.

Creatz3D would like to thank all the attendees of the Creatz3D User Conference 2015. For more information about the different types of 3D Printing solutions and technologies that we offer, please proceed here. Alternatively, you can choose to contact us via email at or (65) 6631 8555.

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