Discover Stratasys J55 x MakerBot METHOD X Workshop

8 workshops in two weeks and close to 50 attendees.

It wasn’t easy making the decision to hold an offline with limited participants (because of safe-distancing measures) especially in this new normal of a COVID-hit year, but we wanted to do something more than webinars.

The focus was on introducing to our attendees the endless design possibilities that you could get out of the new 3D printers – Stratasys J55 and MakerBot METHOD X, and let them assess if it was a fit for their operations moving forward.

Our multi-colored textured door gift for workshop attendees.Besides the usual presentations on the new printers’ capabilities, attendees were also given a chance to try how easy it was to remove the support material from 3D printed parts, and also demonstrated how realistic it was to 3D scan a human face and print them out.

Attendees also went away with a door gift that demonstrated the realistic multi-color, texture printing, and CMF capabilities of the J55 and opened their thoughts of what they can do with their designs.

Countless conversations and knowledge sharing discussions aside, our team enjoyed every moment of it and until the next workshop!

Stay tuned to our website or connect with us on LinkedIn to get updates about the next workshop.

Alternatively, you can contact our friendly sales engineers to arrange for a customized workshop to learn more about the world of 3D printing – via the contact, or call +65 6631 8555.

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