Gear Shaft STL – Accurate Prints with MakerBot METHOD X

The reality is that 3D printers are not all created equal — even within the same category, like affordable desktop printers. How they’re conceived, designed and built is what separates the best from the worst — not price. Cost is understandably an important factor, but what you should really focus on is the value behind what you’re paying for.

From concept validation to functional part performance, MakerBot METHOD X is the only desktop 3D printer that consistently delivers print results that match design dimensions with optimal dimensional accuracy and precision.

Industrial applications typically require prints to be within acceptable tolerances for it to be useful. Typical desktop 3D printers, however, do not prioritize accuracy much, and this is in addition to inferior materials and print environments which result in poor print quality. It’s typical to end up with warped parts with surface defects.

This is not the case with industrial-grade 3D printers which focuses on accuracy down to the micron level. This Gear Shaft benchmark print (seen above) challenges the dimensional accuracy and cylindricity tolerance of a common gear part. The cylindricity tolerance is tested using a precision-machined bearing to validate its true roundness.


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