Highlights from Stratasys Innovation Day 2014

On 21 of February 2014, Stratasys AP, a subsidiary of Stratasys and Creatz3D Pte Ltd launched its first ever Stratasys Innovation Day 2014 event at The Star Gallery, Singapore.

Stratasys -0042 (NXPowerLite Backup)

The event unveiled Stratasys’s first and only 3D printing system, the Objet500 Connex3 Colour Multi-material 3D Printing system in Singapore at the event.

The printer attributes a triple-jetting technologies that combines droplets of 3 base supplies to produce parts with practically unlimited combinations of rigid, flexible and transparent colour materials. Not only does the act of prototyping save time and money, it also aids organizations look out for feasible iterations for items.

The presenters present at the event were Stratasys’ General Manager, Asia Pacific & Japan: Jonathan Jaglom and Ofer Nir Director, Product line Manager DESIGN 3D Printing Solutions.

Focusing on both the technical achievements of the Connex3 and the opening up of new applications as a result, one of the highlights of the event was the on-site revelation of the work of Japanese fashion designer Yuima Nakazato, who unveiled his 2014 Accessory Collection. Yuima’s work was a captivating and vivid demonstration of the capabilities of the Connex3’s full colour and multi-material capabilities and the collection is subsequently due to be premiered on an Asia Pacific tour.

Cardinal Health also sent a representative to testify about how the printer has helped innovation in the firm, especially when it comes to internal prototyping processes. Kelvin Lie, Study and Improvement (R&ampD) Lead, International R&ampD for the medical segment of Cardinal Wellness mentioned, “We use it (the Connex3) to generate worth for our buyers through innovation and accelerating item improvement that makes it possible for our consumers to increase their cost effectiveness and potential to serve sufferers.”

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