JEC Asia 2014 (Post Event)

JEC Asia 2014, held on 17 – 19 Nov, has saw major players in the global composites industry value chain come together and exchange the latest composite innovations. Creatz3d is proud to be an exhibitor in this prestigious event to share insights on how Additive Manufacturing can be an enabler for firms involved in the composites industry. 


The live demo conducted allowed participants to have a greater understanding on the revolutionary 3D Printing Technology as an actual print process befall before their eyes. Participants were intrigued by the availability of materials for selection according to their application requirements. 3D Printed models of various applications are also presented to enable participants identify and appreciate the benefits of Additive Manufacturing and how it can be applied to their applications.


We are also able to gain insights and difficulties faced by companies and these conversations allows us to explore various opportunities and processes on how 3D Printing can aid in their applications. We believe Additive Manufacturing will continue to provide breakthroughs to achieve even higher heights.

Creatz3d is pleased to be part of this event and would like to extend our appreciation to participants in JEC Asia 2014. Visit our website to find out more information. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at or call (65) 6631 8555 for any enquires.

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