Veroclear Polishing Workshop

As part of our efforts to foster closer working relationship and provide value added services for our partners, Creatz3D held our first in-house workshop last Friday in a bid to provide and support enhanced knowledge regarding Additive Manufacturing.

A team of Engineers and Managers from Shimano attended Friday’s workshop which touched on 3D Printing: Post-Procesing on Objet Veroclear. Topics presented and discussed include: Material Overview, Printing Guidelines, Applications and post-processes such as photobleaching, polishing and lacquering.

Participants were given insights and recommendations on the best practices on considerations such as the alignment of orientation, type of surface finish in relation to the desired user application and various methods to enhance the appearance of the 3D Printed model.

“This workshop aims to foster better understanding of the applications our solutions offers. The reason is not for a one-sided knowledge transfer, but that of a mutual learning curve. As Creatz3D teaches the techniques to improving part quality, we also take the opportunity to listen and undertake our clients’ feedbacks and suggestions seriously, so as to continously improve our services.
Polishing of our VeroClear fullcure 810 is just one of the workshops that Creatz3D has to offer. We aim to be able to bring our clients to the next level of machine utilisation, optimizing the return of their investments in our 3D printers. Creatz3D is committed to value-adding users so the community can grow and expand the horizons of 3D printing together.” – Vincent Goh, Business Account Manager, Creatz3d.



The workshop also provided the opportunity for our partners to get involved in hands on activities, as they get to test out various post-processing techniques they have acquired during the presentation. A series of processes such as polishing and lacquering were performed on Stratasys’s VeroClear fullcure 810 models to enable participants to better understand and observe the results from these post-processing techniques.


Before Post-Processing, VeroClear fullcure810
Model after polish and lacquer

Creatz3D will continue to organise various workshops for our partners to enable further knowledge transfer. Visit our website to learn more about us. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at for any enquiries.

More to follow..

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