Limbitless extends partnership with Stratasys to develop personalized 3D printed bionic arms

Known for creating personalized 3D printed bionic arms for children, Limbitless Solutions has announced a new multi-year partnership with Stratasys to further their mission of #3Dhope to a wider audience.

Since their founding, Limbitless has been utilizing 3D printing technology as a key component in their development of a new line of prosthetics for children in America. The new partnership is expected to better enable the company to design and deliver the best possible bionic arms for children around the world.

Albert Manero, CEO, and co-founder of Limbitless Solutions said, “Additive manufacturing helps us custom craft each child’s design and cut the time of prototyping and manufacturing. The ability to personalize each design while minimizing the weight and production time was critical.”

Stratasys is the global leader in additive manufacturing solutions and is trusted by industry leaders across manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, design, prototyping, and healthcare to deliver new levels of speed, innovation, performance, and customization across design and development.

“3D printing is a major catalyst for innovation across the healthcare industry, driving improved personalized patient care and solving complex medical problems with simpler solutions. This is most prevalent in the unique creation of prosthetics – improving the accessibility of devices, accelerating quality-of-life and delivering true change,” expressed Rich Garrity, President of Stratasys Americas.

As part of the new deal, Stratasys will also provide training to develop the professional skills of the undergraduate students at the University of Central Florida, through cross-collaboration and meaningful project-based learning with 3D printing at its core. This hands-on experience for students will help further Limbitless’ goal of creating a more inclusive STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) future.

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