Marvel Medtech 3D prints ceramic probe for breast cancer prevention

XJet has announced that North American startup, Marvel Medtech, has acquired an XJET Carmel 1400 3D system from them in their mission to better breast cancer prevention.

Marvel Medtech had been developing a system, essentially an MRI accessory that would be used during MRI scans, and offer a solution in early elimination of tumors and cut down on invasive procedures later on. This system could also invoke an anti-cancer immune response, and reduce chances of any recurring tumors to dramatically improve quality of life.

While the system appeared simple and offered drastic costs reductions, the process wasn’t, especially as it involved freezing and elimination of breast cancer tumors. The components had to meet the strict requirements of MRI scanners for safety and image quality purposes and found that ceramics were ideal because of their electrical insulation capabilities.

Ceramic cryotherapy probe 3D printed with XJet Carmel 1400 3D Printer.
Ceramic cryotherapy probe 3D printed with XJet Carmel 1400 3D Printer.

But Marvel Medtech was unable to proceed on as there was no ceramic-focused 3D printer that could accurately and cost-effectively 3D print their ceramic cryotherapy probe, which is until they found a fit in XJet’s Carmel 1400 solution which matched their requirements to solve their production challenge.

“This application is a great example of how our unique ceramic 3D printing technology can enable manufacturers to overcome the limitations of traditional ceramic production. Indeed, we believe that XJet NanoParticle Jetting opens the door for the invention and production of many new products and tools to answer some of mankind’s biggest challenges, and we’re excited to see how it will impact our lives in the future,” said Dror Danai, Chief Business Officer of XJet.

With over 500,000 women dying from breast cancer every year, Marvel Medtech’s solution with XJet’s Carmel 1400 will have a truly transformative effect on the healthcare industry.

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