Siemens Mobility 3D prints door handle attachments for Russian Railways

Having acquired two Stratasys 450mc 3D Printers earlier for Russian Railways (RZD) maintenance sites, Siemens Mobility has now produced rail handle door attachments for their trains to guard against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The printers had been acquired to help in the maintenance of the Russian train fleet in Moscow and St. Petersburg which included several Velaro high-speed trains, for the next 30 years after signing a contract in March 2020. The project is expected to reduce time and production costs in maintenance and better manage spare parts digitally.

RZD is now testing 36 attachments for doors handles of their Desiro trains in the Moscow area, which enables doors to be opened with an elbow or lower arm instead of the usual hands. This goes in line with the global practice of avoiding the risk of spreading germs with direct hand contact in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“3D printing gives us the flexibility to manufacture and replace spare parts ourselves any time in daily business. We’re using this technology now to quickly produce attachments for door handles on demand so we can meet our customers’ growing need for special health and protection measures.”Sabrina Soussan, CEO of Siemens Mobility

Moving forward, implementation in further train fleets are being planned.

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