Students at Milwaukee School of Engineering put TPU 92A Elastomer material to the test

Students at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) and its Additive Lab were among the first early adopters of the TPU 92A Elastomer from Stratasys and were able to print successful parts just 15 minutes after setting up the printer.

MSOE’s Additive Lab is an innovative partnership with 47 manufacturing companies including Kohler, Snap-on Tools, Baxter Medical, and many others, where companies pay yearly dues in return for lab hours and access to additive manufacturing expertise.  Students are able to work with businesses to solve tricky challenges centering on new product developments. This unique model gives students a headstart in being career-ready by working on resume-worthy projects.

Air intake hose printed in flexible TPU 92A elastomer material.
Air intake hose printed in flexible TPU 92A elastomer material.

Materials are a frequent point of discussion at the lab and there has been lots of demand for functional rubber parts by industry, specifically tougher materials, with engineered resilience, capable of producing complex structures.

Thus, it was no surprise that the students at MSOE were able to be among the first few in the world to test-drive the new exclusive TPU 92A Elastomer from Stratasys, and they came away impressed by the large and complex parts that could be produced with high resilience, very good elongation, and also being able to leverage on the exclusive water-soluble support that makes post-processing a breeze compared to other competing 3D printing technologies in the market.

In this short video, students from MSOE reacted positively after testing and printing with TPU 92A.

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