Syqe Medical validates new inhaler designs with Stratasys J55

Israeli-based med-tech company, Syqe Medical, has acquired a Stratasys J55 3D printer to not only streamline but also speed up development and validation of new inhaler devices.

Syqe specializes in producing medical inhalers that enable therapeutic molecule delivery by inhalation. Through expanding on their PolyJet capabilities having already owned a Stratasys J750 acquired previously, the new J55 will help in the true-to-life prototyping of inhalers to validate fit, form and function just like the final product.

Our products include very precise and intricate airways, which are usually less than 1mm in diameter.

Achieving this level of complexity in the design of a prototype is very difficult, but the J55 allows us to incorporate such intricate structures into the design with a level of accuracy we’ve not seen before.Itay Kurgan, Product Development Manager at Syqe

With the J55, Syqe can now iterate designs much quicker and earlier in the design process, which ensures better validation of products before heading to medical trials or when making sale pitches to specific customers.

Syqe is specifically leveraging on the precision and ability to use nearly 500,000 PANTONE-validated colors and five materials at once to print the chassis, casing, springs and other design elements—all of which closely resemble the final product.

Not only does it allow us to quickly print design concepts with incredible realism, but we can do so from a system that operates quietly in the corner of our office.

The only problem we have is with our designers, who now fight over who gets to use the J55 next.Itay Kurgan, Product Development Manager at Syqe

Learn more about PolyJet Technology and Stratasys J55.

Itay Kurgan, Product Development Manager at Syqe, posing with the Stratasys J55.
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