Transforming Shoe Manufacturing: From Sketch to Production Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnam is known for its highly developed footwear manufacturing industry, and currently ranks as the second largest footwear exporter in the world, having recorded footwear exports worth up to US$22B each year.

Co-organised with the Vietnam Industrial and Manufacturing Fair (VIMF) by OMG Events Management, we saw a positive turnout with a combined headcount of 68 participants over both sessions of the workshop titled “Transforming Shoe Manufacturing: From Sketch to Production” held over the span of two days, on 16 and 17 March 2023 at Hotel Nikko Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Full capacity turnout for both sessions of the workshop.

Mr Massimo Petrilli addressing the use of DWS technology in the industry of footwear manufacturing.

Prior commencement of the seminar, we had Ms Giang from OMG Events Management address the participants. The event company has been at work in bridging local companies to relevant solutions which industry players can leverage on, for the companies to enhance their capabilities amidst the advanced manufacturing scene in Vietnam.

Ms Giang from OMG Events Management highlighting to participants the updates to the advanced manufacturing scene in Vietnam.

Specially invited speaker from Italy, Mr Massimo walked the attendees through the integration of DWS’ stereolithographic technology with shoe manufacturing processes, which include the stages of new shoe design, mould development and the manufacturing of the different parts of the shoe including insoles, soles, and uppers. The high accuracy and details of parts produced with DWS Systems make them ideally positioned to meet the demands of the fashion industrial 3D printing market.

Samples comprising soles, insoles, and uppers on showcase.

Mr Massimo highlighted the mechanical performance of the new FLEXA Digital TPU material with the DWS XPRO SL that features accurate laser precision and high productivity as the sought-after requirements in producing end-use parts for the ever-changing fashion market and footwear industry. The unique material property of the FLEXA Digital TPU lies in its “memory foam” characteristic, i.e., the ability to return to its original shape upon high degree of bend.

Material properties of DWS’ FLEXA Digital TPU suitable for the footwear industry.

Meanwhile, the INVICTA features resins with smooth surfaces, precise details, and elasticity suitable for a plethora of design applications involving complex geometries and undercuts relevant to modern footwear designs.

Mr Massimo went on to cite proven cases of the adoption of the DWS technology by luxury brands in curating boutique items for fashion weeks, and the adoption of the technology in enhancing the fashion statement.

Showcasing the capabilities of the DWS technology in producing a variety of design applications for the footwear industry.

With DWS’ Stereolithographic technology able to support complex geometries, designs for footwear which were previously unfeasible are now producible.

Part of the programme include our Application and Sales Manager Ms Sally Chuen giving a presentation on the topic of fabric printing, coupled with the introduction of the new Stratasys FabriX™ Innovation Kit. This kit is a comprehensive and easy-to-use 3D printing solution on fabric and flexible substrates, available for use on the Stratasys™ J850™.

Session on fabric printing with relevance to shoe manufacturing.

The segment was included to educate participants of the newest updates to the 3D printing scene, applicable to colourful fabric imprints that can be used in shoe manufacturing, e.g., imprinting side brand logos on shoes. This is a contrast to traditional methods of manufacturing which require longer time to manufacture and is more tedious due to the amount of work involved.

The seminar was rounded up with an hour-long discussion whereby participants had their queries answered and gained greater insights into the variety of 3D printing solutions to value-add their business standing in the competitive footwear industry in Vietnam.

Wrapping up the session with a discussion dedicated to 3D printing.

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