White Paper – 2021 Trends in 3D Printing and STEAM Education

The second annual report on Trends in 3D Printing and STEAM Education has been released by MakerBot, where it reveals how 3D Printing is being leveraged upon in remote and virtual learning environment by educators for student engagement.

While the pandemic has saw the closure of physical schooling environments over the past year, responses from education professionals around the world highlighted that 3D printing was still being used by them to support their lessons and drive student participation.

One key finding to note was that developing creative thinking (57%) and problem-solving skills (50%) were top reasonings why educators are choosing to include 3D printing in their teaching curriculum. Other essential reasons include using the technology to turn ideas into reality (48%) and developing critical cognitive and practical skills (45%).

“3D printing is a powerful and versatile learning tool that educators can use to create active learning experiences for students. With out-of-the-box, creative thinking, educators can leverage the technology to amplify their lessons to teach students in an exciting and impactful way,” said Nadav Goshen, CEO of MakerBot. 

The report takes in over 1,000 responses from educators from the kindergarten to university level. Discover in this 21-page report put together by MakerBot:

  • the TOP reasons why educators are leaning to teaching with 3D printing.
  • how 3D Printing is most often used within classrooms.
  • important features that educators look for when making 3D printer purchases.
  • the impact that the pandemic had on 3D Printing learning in the education sector.

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