3D Print in NYLON with METHOD X

Previously announced late last year, MakerBot has now announced that high abrasion-resistant NYLON material is now ready for shipping to customers of METHOD Series 3D printers.

NYLON is the 8th material available for METHOD, joining ABS, ASA, Stratasys® SR-30, PETG, PLA, PVA, and TOUGH as it continues to ramp up the accessibility of industrial additive manufacturing at an affordable price point.

With high flexural, tensile, and impact strength, NYLON’s strong mechanical properties and high abrasion resistance make it ideal for applications requiring repetitive motions or applied force.

As such, they are widely used for functional prototyping and end-use applications within the automotive, industrial products, and consumer product industries such as:

  • manufacturing tools and fixtures
  • articulated parts
  • snap fits
  • living hinges
  • gears
  • air intakes

The above-mentioned applications are often used in high-temperature environments due to friction and in some case require flexibility due to interaction with other parts. NYLON is thus ideal in this scenario because of its high thermal properties and being heat resistant up to 180°C.

Here are some more reasons why you should use NYLON:

  • 180°C Vicat Softening Temperature
  • 66 MPa Tensile Strength
  • 2,200 MPa Tensile Modulus
  • Superior surface finish and aesthetic appearance

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