5 Reasons to get Stratasys J35 Pro 3D Printer

The bar to get into multi-material 3D printing may have been on the high side in the past but there is now an option to jump into that with the Stratasys J35 Pro.

Despite its small footprint which belies the power and capabilities it has, Stratasys J35 Pro actually combines some of the best advanced Stratasys technologies available along with low ownership cost that reach out to a broader customer base.

Still considering? Here, we give you 5 top benefits of getting a J35 Pro.

1) Multi-Material Printing

While only able to print in grayscale, the J35 Pro does have the capability to print with PolyJet materials separately or simultaneously to create incredibly detailed prototypes that fit what you want to bring out. The following is a test print using VeroUltraWhiteS material.

If your model requires a see-through view of the insides, you can use clear plastic material which mimics the appearance of glass.

For models that need flexibility whilst holding their shape, you can go for the rubber-like material, Elastico, which is highly flexible and tear-resistant.

Creation of a drone safety feature using J35 Pro.

Need tactile detailing with texturing options similar to fabric, wood, leather, and other materials? VeroUltra can do all of that with its smooth finish.

If you do need to print full-color models, you can consider J55 Prime.

2) Compact Office-Friendly Solution

With the capability to plug the J35 Pro to a ProAero System with the latter capturing and filtering out fumes,the former can definitely fit into an everyday office space without the unpleasantries that one might typically associate 3D printing with.

Side profile of a J35 Pro.
Side profile of a J35 Pro.

It operates at under 53 decibels, which can be to your surprise is quieter than your average inkjet printer or your washing machine. Start a print job after working hours, and then pick up the model the next day – it’s that easy and convenient.

3) Ease of Use

When it comes to 3D Printing, what we really want is something that is easy to operate from start to finish. With an intuitive touchscreen, the office-friendly J35 Pro is ready to use once it is plugged in anywhere and no complicated workstation is needed to set it up.

The J35 Pro is also highly accessible with the bundled Stratasys GrabCAD Print software which lets you monitor and schedule jobs remotely, sends you notifications if a print job is done or when errors surface, fixes files for you automatically, and more.

4) Versatile In-House 3D Printing

Instead of 3rd party outsourcing which could take days, the J35 Pro meets your design needs especially in prototyping in a matter of hours without the risk of IP leaks. Your concept model can be ready for test and touch quickly for you to make your decisions faster and go-to-market sooner than your competitors.

For long print jobs, cartridges can be ‘hot swapped’ without the need to pause the job as long as you are using two cartridges of the same model or support material.

Simple 'Push' and 'Pull mechanism.
Simple ‘Push’ and ‘Pull mechanism.

From lenses to casings to substrates for overmolding, and so on, PolyJet printing lets you create anything you need in a prototype. 

5) Cost

Unlike other PolyJet printing solutions, the J35 Pro was designed to solve the bottlenecks of 3D printer ownership with its low ownership cost.

Combined with the relatively inexpensive DraftGrey material, create concept models without worrying about material cost and get the most out of your consumables.

Low concept verification and validation.
Low concept verification and validation.

Without the demands of mechanical calibration before a print job is started, there is lower overall maintenance as well as less chance of user error.

Saving cost is more than just saving money. For the reasons listed above, the J35 Pro represents a good opportunity for companies and designers particularly to simplify their workflow at various stages of the design process to add value in the long run.

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