MakerBot Introduces RapidRinse™ and ABS-R for Method X

Makerbot has just announced their latest material additions, RapidRinse™, a revolutionary support material that allows users to drop their 3D printed part and watch it dissolve into tap water fast.

Typically, additional equipment with caustic chemicals is required for post-processing the support material. Now without the need for solvents, the usage of equipment is reduced and eliminating additional cost.

Dissolving support material has never been easier and safer to work with.

Another material in conjunction with RapidRinse™ release is ABS-R. A new ABS formulation that is optimized to work with RapidRinse™ which empowers 3d printing with reliability and performance for repeated prototypes, tools and end-parts.

The new ABS-R is created to address the difficulties of printing ABS successfully on desktop printers in the market due to its propensity to shrink, warp, curl or crack without the right conditions.

Both ABS-R and RapidRinse™ materials are compatible with Method X and Method X Carbon Fiber Edition


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