Achieving True Transparency in Photobleaching with Stratasys ProBleacher

Wanting to achieve true transparency and with no color residue in your clear PolyJet models? There’s now a solution from Stratasys – introducing ProBleacher.

The ProBleacher is a desktop-size system that requires no special requirements for installation or site preparation for in-house PolyJet transparent prototyping – from designing to printing to finishing. Early users of the ProBleacher had this to say:

  • much better compared to previously available products
  • easy installation, out of the box to start working with it as soon as we got it
  • fantastic results that saved us time and money in post-processing

With touchscreen controls for ease-of-operations, the ProBleacher provides optimum photobleaching results with its fully plug-and-play capability.


Compatible with prints utilizing VeroClear, VeroUltraClear, and VeroUltraClearS materials, the system utilizes equipment and specific functions, such as wavelength and light source intensity, as well as time and temperature controls to achieve maximum transparency and remove yellowness that can occur with 3D printed clear materials.

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