NDP 2022 x Creatz3D: Automated Packing of NDP Packs

The National Day Parade 2022 (NDP 2022) marks an inaugural partnership between Creatz3D and the NDP organisation committee. The partnership is an eye-opener to how the capabilities of 3D printing, as an advanced manufacturing technology, was able to support the inaugural robotics-automated packing of the crowds’ favourite NDP Packs!

The 3D printed tooling parts include:

1) Merlion-designed goodie bag holders

Merlion-designed goodie bag holders to commemorate the celebratory spirit.

The Merlion-designed holders are a national emblem to match the celebratory spirit of NDP 2022. The implementation of these designed holders ensures safety when manually replacing packed bags with empty bags, avoiding direct hand contact with the otherwise exposed nuts and screws.

2) Camera fixtures customised to the right fit

Fixtures that are designed to allow cameras to be fitted accurately.

As there isn’t a one-size-fits-all holder available, 3D printing allows the manufacturing of fixtures designed to the right fit. This is to make sure that the cameras can accurately detect the individual items to be picked up by the robot arm.

3) Sensor brackets designed with a specific front

Brackets customised to hold sensors at designated positions along the conveyor belt.

The brackets were customised and 3D printed to accurately fit into specific positions along the conveyor belt, to allow detection of the bags at the right positions during the packing process.

With 3D printing, each of the tooling parts were produced with the required performance within a short turnaround time. 

Together with the participating industry partners, this project collaboration with NDP 2022 commemorates a milestone signifying the acceleration of advanced manufacturing technology adoption.

This opportunity for partnership not only showcases the automated process of packing of NDP Packs, it is also a clear demonstration of Singapore’s movements in nurturing the local industry landscape to push boundaries by rethinking production and supply chains.

We are honoured to be part of this project initiative to celebrate Singapore’s 57th birthday. We are Stronger Together!

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