Eaton Corporation opens new design possibilities with metal 3D printing

It’s opening our minds to completely new design possibilities.

One of our Senior Engineers in this space said, “Before additive manufacturing, I was afraid to fail. After additive manufacturing, if you fail, it happens quickly and you can also correct the error more quickly.”Alexandre Georgetti, Director Manufacturing Strategy at Eaton Corporation

A major supplier of automotive parts to companies around the world, Eaton Corporation’s Vehicle Group has managed to find success in the quick re-tooling of manufacturing lines to reduce downtime, as well as developing and prototyping custom parts for unique transportation challenges with metal 3D printing using Desktop Metal Studio System.

In this 11-page Case Study put together by Desktop Metal:

  • Understand the challenges faced by Eaton Corporation in today’s manufacturing landscape.
  • Learn how Additive Manufacturing is able to significantly reduce tooling and fixturing costs for mass produced parts.
  • Why Desktop Metal became an option with its robust printer design and furnace capabilities.
  • Discover the lead-time and cost comparisons for applications such as robot gripper, gear stamp, shaft press plate, etc.

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