Hot-swappable media cartridges on Desktop Metal Studio System

Metal 3D printing is used for industrial-grade prototyping and end-use parts, but common laser-based systems tend to have red flags because of working with hazardous powders and dangerous lasers during printing. The Studio System by Desktop Metal, however, changes what everyone had known previously about metal 3D printing.

The Studio System uses hot-swappable media cartridges one of which contain bound metal rods – metal powder held together by wax and polymer binder, while the other contains the ceramic interface. There’s minimal user involvement with dangerous lasers or hazardous powders during operations and makes in-house metal 3D printing safe for everyone.

Matt Barbati, Technical Trainer at Desktop Metal, gives an overview of how hot-swappable media cartridges actually work in the Studio System for a seamless workflow in this short video.

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