Kimya ABS Composite materials now available for MakerBot METHOD X

Three new Kimya ABS composite materials by ARMOR have been qualified for use with the MakerBot METHOD X 3D printer using the MakerBot LABS experimental extruder.

Unlike unfilled thermoplastics, composites are now one of the most in-demand materials for manufacturing applications due to their enhanced properties. Parts 3D printed with composite materials like ABS Kelvar can often replace traditionally-manufactured parts such as tools and fixtures, resulting in significant time and cost savings of up to 80%.

The new materials include:

  • Kimya ABS Kevlar for parts with high strength, abrasion-resistance, and dimensional stability.
  • Kimya ABS-ESD, which protects against electrostatic discharges.
  • Kimya ABS-EC, a new and unique material that is electrically-conductive.
The ability to 3D print Kimya composites like ABS Kevlar and Carbon Fiber on METHOD X has given us a unique combination of tool-grade part performance and high precision in an extremely affordable and accessible package.

In our own manufacturing facility, we’ve been able to replace several traditionally-manufactured parts with printed parts gaining a savings of up to 99.4% per part.Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage, Business Director, ARMOR 3D

The Labs Extruder which also has materials providers like BASFLEHVOSS, and Polymaker on board, turns METHOD X into an Open Materials Platform and was introduced to enable users to print with a wider variety of third party filaments.

The three new ABS composite materials from Kimya continue our expansion into advanced engineering materials that unlock new manufacturing applications.

With its up to 110°C heated chamber, METHOD is the first truly industrial 3D printing platform in its price class, delivering higher precision and strength than desktop 3D printers. Johan-Till Broer, VP of Product Development, MakerBot

With the new additions, the portfolio of available materials for MakerBot Labs is now up to 12 while the total number of materials for METHOD X now stands at 22.

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