Kinetic Vision powers up their packaging design process with 3D Printing

Not only was the J55 Prime easy to set up, we were amazed at how quickly we could move from design to print. When the first print came out, with the full array of colors and textures, we were simply blown away.

Tony Guard, Director of Innovation + Design Group at Kinetic Vision

There is always that tremendous pressure to make your product packaging shine at an average big box retailer where they can be as many as 35,000 SKUs waiting to be brought home.

A Cincinnati-based design and technology company, Kinetic Vision, has found much joy in powering up their packaging development process with the Stratasys J55 Prime 3D Printer that has allowed them to create innovative design prototypes faster and wow their customers.

“Packaging must speak to consumers in a very specific and personal way. Our clients recognize that having innovative packaging is not just a strategic advantage, it’s a prime tool to help shape brand perceptions and build an emotional bond with consumers,” said Guard.

Before J55 Prime, Kinetic Vision’s major pain point was getting out fast and accurate models of their designs.

But the arrival of the J55 Prime became a true game-changer, as they could now produce designs out of the box in-house with fidelity, colors, and textures that rivaled some of the premier model shops.

“To be able to quickly and easily represent a product in a ‘retail-ready’ form to consumers and to clients has elevated our business,” added Guard.

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