MakerBot launches Clean Air System for METHOD X 3D Printer

MakerBot Clean Air System

Desktop 3D printer manufacturer, MakerBot, has announced the launch of the MakerBot Clean Air System – a smart HEPA filtration system for their METHOD 3D printers.

The smart-controlled HEPA filtration system is part of MakerBot’s continued efforts to develop and deliver 3D printing solutions that support industry safety, sustainability, and compliance practices.

During internal testing, the Clean Air System proved its capability in removing up to 95% of Ultra-Fine Particles compared to printing without the accessory.

Fitting seamlessly into the METHOD’s workflow, the Clean Air System is able to intelligently account for ambient conditions, chamber temperature, and model material for optimal printing.

We are committed to being world-class in safety as we advance 3D printing’s use worldwide.

From meeting industry certifications to delivering 3D printing solutions that support safety, our goal is always to exceed global industry benchmarks.Nadav Goshen, MakerBot CEO

Dissecting the MakerBot Clean Air System

The MakerBot Clean Air System is now available for shipping.

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