Objet30 gets a performance upgrade from Stratasys

Stratasys has announced a performance upgrade for Objet30 which comes with the latest 3D printing software, GrabCAD Print, as well as a new material offering for more applications.

Released as Objet30 V5 Pro or Prime, the system is the ideal desktop solution for prototyping consumer goods, electronics, medical devices, and more.

Utilizing PolyJet technology that offers excellent accuracy and versatility, Objet30 lets you create parts with smooth surfaces and fine details, all in one print job with minimal post-processing.

To facilitate faster throughput and an easier workflow, Stratasys has replaced the previous ObjetStudio software with GrabCAD Print for Objet30 V5.

The new software brings capabilities like smart settings, material tracking, and expanded file type compatibility, letting you go from digital design to printed model in just a few clicks.

Orange squeezer 3D printed with simulated polypropylene material.

In addition to the Vero family of rigid materials, simulated polypropylene, and temperature-resistant RGD525, Objet30 now supports DraftGrey which is a low-cost modeling material that is ideal for early-stage prototyping.

For quicker turnaround, Objet30 Prime also supports printing in 36µm under fast draft mode that saves you precious time for other things.

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