Stratasys unveils J826 – an affordable mid-range PolyJet 3D printer

The world’s leader in providing 3D printing solutions, Stratasys, has today unveiled the J826, an affordable low-cost mid-range PolyJet 3D printer to their J8 Series.

Costing half the price of other J8 Series 3D printers like J835 and J850, the J826 which was designed for designers will make it possible to save weeks on design cycles with exceptional print quality to create highly realistic prototypes. The product life cycle can be accelerated while quality can be improved with much more design iterations at a lesser cost.

With full PANTONE validation and multi-material multi-color printing, the J826 is ideal for mid-volume requirements in industries like consumer goods and electronics, automotive, and educational institutions.

UK-based BiologIC Technologies is one of the few companies in the world that are already using the J826 3D Printer to develop advanced medical instrumentation. “The fundamental cost and time savings achievable with the J826 make it possible to actually get our ideas off the ground and rapidly progress – there isn’t another technology available today that can tick all these boxes,” said co-founder Nick Rollings.

While costing much less than their bigger brothers (J835/J850), the J826 still provides the same exceptional resolution and detail but with a smaller build print (255mm x 252mm x 200 mm).

“We believe that exceptional resolution, full color, multiple materials, and high productivity should not be the province of the few,” said Shamir Shoham, Vice President, PolyJet Business Unit at Stratasys.

Click to learn more about Plastic 3D Printing technologies and the J8 Series.

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