White Paper – The Differential between Stratasys FDM 3D Printers and FFF Desktop 3D Printers

There’s not a whole lot of differences between FFF or FDM 3D printers in terms of how they operate. Perhaps the significant difference here is in their names –  FDM is a trademarked term by Stratasys while FFF is not.

In an independant comparative study commissioned by Stratasys and conducted by Pragmaetek Consulting Group, a thorough comparison between entry-level 3D printers – Stratasys F170 3D printer with four FFF desktop 3D printers was done – benchmarking produced parts for their reliability and quality.

Through this 68-page Comparative Study eBook, learn how the performance of the Stratasys FDM 3D printer come out on top by a wide margin against the others in terms of performance and results.

Comparative Study

For more details on the head-to-head comparisons, schedule a discovery session with our sales engineers – via the contact form, email at info@creatz3d.com, or call +65 6631 8555.

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