BiologIC Technologies fuels DNA dynamism with Stratasys J826

UK-based synthetic biology specialist, BiologIC Technologies, is using the Stratasys J826 PolyJet 3D Printer to develop a ‘desktop PC of life sciences’ that will speed up DNA manipulation and lab processes on anything from new cures to fight the coronavirus, 3D printed meat to more environmentally-friendly biofuels.

The company was looking to simplify the whole engineering biology process which is often a complicated and costly process involving large labs and highly skilled personnel. So the company had developed a bioprocessing unit that would automate the complex biological processes using many different elements and materials within a small footprint.

But the cost and time implications of creating such a device and bringing it to reality with a working prototype using traditional manufacturing processes was a major stumbling block. They thus looked towards using additive manufacturing that could physically and economically fit the company’s business model.

After cycling through their options, the company decided that the J826 represented the best option to create and bring the device to reality. With the J826’s support for VeroUltraClear material, it was important for BiologIC in creating their lab-in-a-box cartridges so that they could observe the inner workings of the biology.

In addition, flexible photopolymers like Agilus30 and other digital materials were used to add a level of functionality within the bio-processing unit such as enabling the precision movement of fluids.

“To build this lab in a box you need multi-material functionality. For example, you need very clear materials that let you see the biology [materials] going through the system. You need the elastomers to be able to control the movement of fluids through the system. Being able to print this on the Stratasys system fundamentally enables that.”Richard Vellacott, Co-Founder at BiologIC Technologies

Another of the company’s co-founder, Nick Rollings, added that the fundamental cost and time savings achievable with the J826 makes it possible to actually get their ideas off the ground, showcase their real-time development to potential customers, and rapidly progress – and there isn’t another technology available today that can tick all those boxes.

Dr Colin Barker, Richard Vellacott and Nick Rollings (left to right) standing next to Stratasys J826
Dr. Colin Barker, Richard Vellacott and Nick Rollings (left to right) standing next to Stratasys J826.
“Our priorities as a start-up meant we needed a technology that enabled us to be lean and agile. Stratasys’ PolyJet 3D printing is the best in the game, so importantly the J826 gave us access to this technology at a price point and physical size attractive for a start-up.”Dr. Colin Barker, Co-Founder at BiologIC Technologies

Looking ahead, BiologIC is looking to scale up to thousands of bioprocessing units being additively manufactured, and make full use of the eight-material capabilities of the J826 instead of the 4 that they are using now.

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