BMW Group to accelerate additive manufacturing utilization with new Additive Manufacturing Campus

At an investment of €15 million, the BMW Group has officially launched its Additive Manufacturing Campus to develop its position as a technology leader in the utilization of additive manufacturing in the automotive industry.

Just for 2019, the BMW Group produced about 300,000 additive manufactured parts and currently operates about 50 industrial systems that utilize metals and plastics. Another 50 are in operation at production sites globally.

Additive manufacturing is already an integral part of our worldwide production system today and established in our digitalization strategy. In the future, new technologies of this kind will shorten production times even further and allow us to benefit even more fully from the potential of toolless manufacturing.Milan Nedeljković, BMW AG Board Member for Production

Among the many systems found in the center are those from Desktop Metal, a Boston-based company that seeks to make metal additive manufacturing systems more accessible to designers and engineers.

The BMW Group invested in Desktop Metal back in 2017, and are maintaining close collaboration with them in the additive manufacturing of metal components and the development of innovative, highly productive manufacturing procedures.

The main focus is on automating process chains that have previously required large amounts of manual work, to make 3D printing more economical and viable for use on an industrial scale over the longer term, training their staff to think additive, and generate its own suitable portfolio of manufacturing processes.

Studio System - Printer, Debinder, Furnace, End-to-End Metal 3D Printing solution
Studio System – Printer, Debinder, Furnace, End-to-End Metal 3D Printing solution
3D printing allows almost any shape to be produced, paving the way for new designs and functions. Nowadays, there are countless components that can only be manufactured additively.Jens Ertel, Director of the Additive Manufacturing Campus

With BMW Group already manufacturing 3D printed components for prototyping and production or country-specific parts, the next sensible step forward for them is to further develop additive manufacturing processes to serve as a useful complement to existing production technologies.

Click Desktop Metal Systems to learn more about metal 3D printing. You can also contact our sales engineers for an in-depth discussion – via the contact, or call +65 6631 8555.

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