Static Mixer Production with the Desktop Metal Studio System

With the Studio System by Desktop Metal, the static mixer can now be produced in-house to enable rapid, functional prototyping – where fabrication cost or time aren’t affected by design complexity.

Precision-engineered for effective fluid mixing, the static mixer features complex geometries that are impossible to machine, yet critical to achieving desired mixing.

Regardless of the situation, the static mixer part must be corrosion-resistant and be able to withstand chemical abrasion, which means that it must be made of metal.

Conventional manufacturing is thus a challenge when it comes to producing static mixers, because of the time-consuming and challenging workflow to achieve the desired result.

Compared to 3rd-party selective laser melting (SLM), fabrication costs using the Studio System for the static mixer are reduced by 92% along with a 70% reduction in lead time.

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