Kärcher speeds up prototyping with Stratasys J750

Cleaning equipment company, Kärcher, is leveraging on Stratasys PolyJet technology to do realistic prototyping for their EASY!FORCE trigger gun found in their high-pressure cleaners, and reduce lead time.

Known for their portfolio of cleaning equipment, Kärcher has been utilizing 3D printing technologies for 20 years, specifically FDM and PolyJet technologies from Stratasys, to optimize product production processes.

Traditionally, it would take a long time to mill or assemble individual parts for product typing, which would, in turn, hamper the ability to create realistic prototypes that look and feel like the final product.

Kärcher’s extensive experience over two decades in utilizing 3D printing,  allows them to maximize their use of the technology when required to achieve significant results in prototyping while also explore new applications at the same time. 3D printed prototypes can thus be created to mimic the final part, and speed up prototyping time significantly.

The patented design of the EASY!FORCE high-pressure trigger gun featured several different materials with varying rigidity and toughness, as well as complex geometries. During the initial design phase, Kärcher leveraged on the Stratasys J750 to test different design combinations, assess the best options, and save time across the production floor by printing parts with different materials in one single run, and eliminate any assembly need.

Prototype of Kärcher EASY!Force Trigger Gun
Prototype of Kärcher EASY!Force Trigger Gun.

With the shortened design cycle, Kärcher is able to have a better assessment of whether the prototype is fit-for-purpose, quicker time to market, and also ensuring that the design meets any necessary functionality requirements. Kärcher can also better ensure that their products function and work durably in harsh environments for sustained periods.

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