Reinventing golf clubs with Desktop Metal Studio System

With Bound Metal Deposition technology utilized by the Studio System from Desktop Metal, metal 3D printing is changing how golf clubs are made from design to manufacturing.

Golf club design has been evolving steadily since it was carved out of wood in the 16th century till today where they are produced from a variety of metals like steel, titanium, other types of metals or carbon fiber.

To perfect a golfer’s stroke, designers have to experiment with the weight, shape, depth, and numerous other factors although they have been slow to innovate due to extensive costs amounting to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in designing and capital investment for manufacturing tooling.

But with Bound Metal Deposition technology, the designing and prototyping of golf clubs can be made much quicker. Manufacturers no longer have to produce generic, inexpensive designs in bulk, but can instead quickly iterate and experiment with designs without worrying about cost.Take customization to the next level with 3D printing.

Take customization to the next level with 3D printing.Metal 3D printing also open up opportunities for customization which is hugely important for many players who often maintain and add on throughout their playing days.

With 3D printing, it allows for unprecedented levels of customization and eliminates investment in tooling. Parts can be printed on-demand with just a few clicks to adjust the many parameters of their club design for that perfect swing.

Once the geometry is finalized, the club can be ready just a matter of days on demand. Traditional manufacturing would have been much more time-consuming and costly in this scenario.

Organic generative design, internal light weighting, and selective mass placement for better tuning.

Geometries that wouldn’t have been possible or impractical with traditional manufacturing, is also a possibility because of 3D printing. With organic generative design, internal light weighting, and selective mass placements made possible with 3D printing, clubs can be tuned to perform better and help make the move from prototyping to mass production easily.

Cost comparison.
Cost comparison.

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