Ecrimesa stays on the cutting edge of innovation with Desktop Metal Studio System

The design freedom and tooling free-manufacturing enabled by the Studio System allows us to produce parts that are precisely tailored to our customers’ needs, and to produce functional prototypes without the lead times and tooling costs associated with traditional manufacturing methods.

Eduardo Valenzuela, Commercial Engineer at Ecrimesa Group

A major producer of steel and aluminum parts for automotive, defense, aerospace, textile, and food industries around the globe, a Spanish-based company, Ecrimesa, was looking to stay on the cutting edge of innovation as a MIM and investment casting manufacturer.

Typically, Ecrimesa faced immense challenges when it comes to retooling their manufacturing lines for different jobs since each new geometry requires a new mold (tool) which could take them 8-12 weeks and costing a lot of money.

In their search for an end-to-end solution, Ecrimesa began exploring metal additive manufacturing and benchmarking a variety of parts. Their search led them to Desktop Metal and an eventual investment in the Studio System after finding that parts printed with the system yielded superior density and minimal distortion following sintering.

In this 8-page Case Study eBook:

  • Understand the factors behind Ecrimesa’s decision to invest in Studio System
  • Why Desktop Metal Studio System met the requirements of Ecrimesa
  • Discover the fabricated parts produced with Studio System and a comparison with traditional tooling

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To learn how your parts will work with Desktop Metal Systems, contact our sales engineers for an in-depth discussion to better understand your requirements – via the contact, or call +65 6631 8555.

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