Metal 3D Printers

Industrial Metal 3D Printing Machine

All your metal products manufacturing and production needs can be met with our 3D printing solutions in Singapore. 3D metal printing needs can be covered by our wide range of metal 3D machines and printers that utilise different technologies to suit the needs and demands of your particular industry.

Key metal 3D printing technologies for the Singapore market

Creatz3D is dedicated in making key metal 3D printers more accessible to engineers, designers, and manufacturers. We have the ability to process a wide range of metal materials with various unique features and functions that meet stringent industrial qualifications, reinventing the way metal parts are manufactured for your business.

Our portfolio include metal 3D printers that utilise Bound Metal Deposition and Single Pass Jetting technologies from Desktop Metal, SISMA’s Laser Metal Fusion technology and XJET’s NanoParticle Jetting technology, that empower companies with the ability to perform manufacturing, from low volume production to mass production of end-use parts.

Accelerate time-to-market at reduced costs and unlock unexplored potentials with the industry adoption of metal 3D printers.

Our portfolio of wide-ranging metal 3D printing technologies provided by our company, ranging from Laser Metal Fusion, NanoParticle Jetting, and Bound Metal Deposition will suit your business needs.

The industrial-grade 3D metal printers will meet the specific requirements that you are looking for your business.

A wide range of metal materials with various unique properties enable you to produce metal components or parts that meet stringent industrial qualifications.

Industry adoption of metal 3D printing technology enables you to outperform your competitors in the same market, with reduced cost and time spent.