GrabCAD Print – A Smarter Way to Manage your 3D Printing Workflow

Since acquiring GrabCAD in 2014, Stratasys has built on their promise in making the 3D printing software now named, GrabCAD Print, easy and accessible for users to realize their designs.

GrabCAD Print is a cloud-based software solution that was designed from the ground up to streamline and modernize the 3D printing process through a few key features.

Speed and Performance Always

Get 3D printed parts the way you envisage, without obstacles. GrabCAD Print saves you time by directly printing native CAD files (as well as within Creo 4.0 or the SOLIDWORKS® add-in). No more time wasting from converting or fixing data-starved STL files. The default smart settings let you get started in no time, even for a beginner. For the advanced users, you can make adjustments easily with the detailed preview modes before going to print.

GrabCAD Print - Performance and Speed

Print and Manage from Anywhere

GrabCAD Print is cloud-connected for any printing, scheduling, and monitoring to be done from any location and browser on your device of choice. A 3D printing job is as easy as loading a part and clicking print using the straightforward interface, with only minimal training required.

GrabCAD Print from anywhere

Intelligent Print Management

The print management interface gives you a better understanding of the print history, completed jobs, failed jobs and materials used so that you can better budget and optimize your resources.

GrabCAD Print - Print Management Interface

A Simpler Process for Rapid Tooling Applications

Currently, in beta, the new Jigs and Features feature expands on the capabilities offered in Stratasys Insight, that simplifies and automates the toolpath planning process, increases ease of use, and reduce the time and costs in creating jigs and fixtures by auto-generating toolpath instructions.

Combining the easy-to-use GrabCAD Print interface with the powerful Stratasys Insight software, Jigs and Fixtures for GrabCAD Print automates previously complex part preparation tasks.

GrabCAD Print is FREE

Visit GrabCAD Print official website to register and download the software to use for free. With a unified interface across all Stratasys printers, users need not relearn a new management tool for every machine.

GrabCAD Print fully supports the following printers:

uPrint (all models)
Fortus (all models)
Dimension (all models)
F123 Series
Stratasys J700
Stratasys J735
Stratasys J750
Objet1000 Plus
Connex3 Series


For more information regarding GrabCAD Print, you can contact us via our contact form, drop us an email at, or call +65 6631 8555 to make an inquiry.

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