Italdesign 3D prints marble-effect interior parts for DaVinci concept car

Best known for its automotive design work for both concept and production cars, Italian-based company, Italdesign, has used the Stratasys J750 to produce avant-garde style parts for their 2019 concept car, the Italdesign DaVinci.

Founded in 1968 Moncalieri, Italy, the R&D team at the Barcelona division has built a strong reputation for its creative design techniques and deployment of innovative technologies to bring their concepts to life – which includes the use of Stratasys PolyJet and FDM 3D Printers, to push the boundaries of design innovation.

Italdesign DaVinci concept car

While constructing the concept car, the team looked into ways to achieve the avant-garde style of the outer body with the use of marble. But with the need to battle time constraints, the team decided to acquire a Stratasys J750 after evaluating other possible solutions as it was able to 3D print marble effects and textures directly onto parts.

“We identified the key areas that we wanted to produce in marble – the central console, air conditioning diffusers, and door inlays – but quickly realized that we couldn’t use traditional techniques to achieve the marble finish in the remaining timeframe we had ahead of the Geneva Motor Show,” explained Daniel Agulló, GM at Italdesign Giugiaro Barcelona.

Using the J750, the team was able to 3D print high-quality marble-effect parts rapidly and repeatedly each and every time and had much better repeatability than conventional processes. Instead of several weeks traditionally, the team was able to produce four air conditioning diffusers, two door inlays, and the central console in just over a weekend with 3D printing.

“Everyone was taken aback by the results, both in terms of the resolution accuracy and material quality – so much so that no design iterations were required. In fact, we started 3D printing on a Friday and by Monday morning, the final parts were ready to be presented to the Italian headquarters for validation,” said Agulló.

Having experienced at first-hand the ultra-realistic prototyping capabilities of the Stratasys J750, the team is looking forward to reimagining future car designs in a similar vein and open up new business opportunities.

The J750 has been superseded by the J850 which is the improved next generational powerful multi-color multi-material PolyJet 3D Printer. Visit the J850 product page to learn more about the printer’s capabilities.

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