Easy Material Changes with Desktop Metal Studio System

Time is of the essence when it comes to the 3D printing of either industrial-grade prototypes or end-use parts. But common 3D printers tend to add on precious time when it comes to the changing of materials, which could take hours or sometimes even days. However, the Studio System from Desktop Metal changes all that with the strategic design of their 3D printer.

When it comes to the changing of materials in the Studio System, you will have to replace the hot-swappable media cartridges, the flipper tray, the print head, and finally the brush. With the push-to-release design, it makes for easy loading and unloading for all components that need to be swapped. The RFID-enabled supply monitoring also prevents cross contamination and ensures that you never run out of material mid-print.

Matt Barbati, Technical Trainer at Desktop Metal, demonstrates how the strategic design of the Studio System Printer enables seamless and easy material changes in a matter of minutes.

Visit our Desktop Metal Systems product page for more information. You can also contact us via our contact forminfo@creatz3d.com, or +65 6631 8555 for any enquiries.

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