Ford produces plastic full face shields in fight against COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to overload healthcare systems around the world, more and more companies are stepping up to lend their manufacturing and engineering support to ease the pressure.

One such company the American automotive maker, Ford Motor Company, who has temporarily suspended car production at its North American plants and is switching to manufacture urgently required medical equipment and supplies such as respirators, face shields, and ventilators instead.

Photo: Ford Motor Company
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Ford is currently creating and testing the production of transparent full-face shields for front-line medical workers along with UAW. These are being done at Ford’s Advanced Manufacturing Center in Michigan, leveraging on Stratasys’s FDM F370 3D printers to manufacture components and subassemblies for use in personal protective equipment.

The face shields fully block the face and eyes from coming into accidental contact with liquids and also provide additional protection on top of the wearer’s surgical face masks.

The move followed news that the company had also linked up with General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, 3M, and GE Healthcare to form a Coronavirus Task Force to mobilize resources and share manufacturing and engineering expertise.

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Source: Machine Design

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