Desktop Metal launches Shop System for machine and metal shops

US-based metal printing manufacturer, Desktop Metal, is bridging the gap between their office-friendly Studio System and the Production System for mass production, with the launch of the Shop System that is billed as the first binder jetting solution for machine and metal shops and was designed specifically to cater to them.

Billed as the most cost-effective solution in the market at an affordable price point, the Shop System utilizes a high-speed, single-pass print engine, using a revised high-quality binder jetting technology.

Shop System Printer and Furnace
Shop System Printer and Furnace

Many of the constraints previously seen with traditional manufacturing methods like CNC machining are eliminated with the Shop System and create new opportunities for cost reduction and increase of revenue.

There was still a real need for a robust solution that also captures mid-volume production and enables affordable, reliable and flexible batch production of complex parts for machine shops. For the first time with the Shop System, machine shops will be able to make that a reality,” said Ric Fulop, CEO, and co-founder of Desktop Metal.

Build volume configurations (4L, 8L, 12L, and 16L) allow you to scale to your shop's throughput.
Build volume configurations (4L, 8L, 12L, and 16L) allow you to scale to your shop’s throughput.

The Shop System is an end-to-end solution comprising of a printer, powder station, and furnace. With the ability for variable configurations (4L, 8L, 12L, and 16L), one can scale accordingly to their shop’s throughput.

The features of using the Shop System over competing systems include –  simplified post-processing, print up to 10 times faster than laser powder bed fusion and at a fraction of cost per part, print a batch of complex parts every six to 12 hours, high-resolution printing at 1600 x 1600 dpi, and many more.

Simplified post-processing - support removal demonstration
Simplified post-processing – support removal demonstration

Shop owners have been enamored by the versatility, speed and cost reduction that binder jetting technology can provide, but until now, it hasn’t been accessible to them, ” said Jonah Myerberg, co-founder and CTO at Desktop Metal.

“The Shop System offers users the same fully-dense metal parts at an affordable price that works in harmony with machining on the shop floor. What’s more, the system enables owners to both save and make money by eliminating tooling costs, lowering lead times, and bringing in new business because of an improved part-cost equation,” added Myerberg.

General availability for the Shop System will start later this year, and pre-orders are accepted as of today.

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