Stratasys launches F120 to transform industrial grade 3D printing for the masses

Ahead of the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Conference 2019 in Chicago, Stratasys has set the stage for a transformation in industrial-grade 3D printing with the new F120 3D printer.

As the new member of the F123 series of FDM 3D printers, the next generation of designers, engineers, and educators can get started with 3D printing much easier at an affordable price point.

Backed by simple controls, remote self-monitoring, exclusive 3D printing hardware, and extremely high levels of reliability and repeatability, the F120 can replace existing desktop 3D printers to create high-quality FDM models effortlessly.

Stratasys F120 makes it simple for novices to get started with 3D printing.
Stratasys F120 makes it simple to get started with 3D printing without any technical know-how.

The F120 features:

  • A touchscreen interface with GrabCAD Print software
  • Print for continuous 240 hours
  • Large filament boxes and hands-free soluble support
  • Compatible with ABS, ASA and SR30 (breakaway support)
  • PLA is not supported

From rapid prototyping and tooling to full manufacturing, the F120 can print up to 3X faster than competitive solutions. With over 1,200 hours of testing and tested 24/7 performance, users can print complex, innovative designs productively with confidence – whether they’re across the hall or around the globe.

Priced at $11,999 USD, the F120 is available for order from today, and the first shipment will be in July. You can contact us via our contact, or +65 6631 8555 for any inquiries.

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