Thinkable Studio designs AR Cycling Helmet with 3D Printing

German design studio, Thinkable Studio, whose focus is on consumer goods, industrial technology, and medical markets, has revealed the transformative impact Stratasys PolyJet 3D printing technology is having on its design process.

The agency is helmed by founder Jörg Schlieffers, who boasts over 25 years’ product design knowledge and experience using 3D printing. And he was more than pleased with the use of full CMF (color, material finishing) capabilities via Stratasys J55 Prime in producing prototypes with unrivaled realism.

We were sold on the J55 immediately. Customers have been blown away by the accuracy of the models we can create, so this technology has become an absolute necessity for us during concept modeling and design verification.Jörg Schlieffers, CEO at Thinkable Studio

For their recent savAR bike helmet project, the team was able to integrate its 3D designs into KeyShot to produce different color and material renders before printing a scaled model.

The helmet concept accommodates the most complex AR technology within the bicycle helmet and a transparent visor which incorporates indicator lights and striking design textures.

The lifelike transparent visor with integrated LED lighting was 3D printed as envisioned with colors, texture, display with embedded AR graphics using J55 Prime and VeroClear material, which would have been unthinkable previously.

By bringing model-making in-house, the agency has seen significant reductions in costs and time – both for the agency and its clients. Instead of the usual 2 weeks, the J55 Prime has slashed the time it takes to create ultra-realistic models to just one or two days and reduced costs by up to 75%.

These are exceptional savings that make a huge difference to the performance of our business and the speed with which we can meet client needs. And since everything is undertaken in-house – from design to 3D printing – we’re now crucially able to ensure our clients’ confidentiality is upheld.Jörg Schlieffers, CEO at Thinkable Studio

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