Experience Color 3D Printing for Product Design & Packaging Workshop Series

5 workshops and 36 participants.

In partnership with Singapore Manufacturing Federation, Creatz3D held our Experience Color 3D Printing for Product Design & Packaging Workshop Series from 29 Sep – 1 Oct with limited participants due to safe-distancing measures.

The aim was to strengthen the understanding of using 3D printing in the field of product designing and packaging, and introduce the endless design possibilities.

Apart from the usual presentations on the capabilities of the 2 class-leading plastic 3D printing technologies (FDM & PolyJet), participants were also given an unique hybrid doorgift – an aroma diffuser container – a coming together of the two technologies. 

Hybrid Diffuser Container Door Gift

Made up of a dome top that was printed with ABS-CF10 on a F370 to show its sturdiness and chemical resistant features, the bottom was printed with a J55 PolyJet that showcased the striking color patterns and VRML texturing capabilities. 

This was followed by a presentation of local case studies we had done with companies like Fidel Engineering (metal forming molds), Universal Robots (end-of-arm-tooling), Swatow Restaurant (mooncake molds), and Modern-Pak (vacuum forming trays).

It also included a tour to Modern-Pak’s factory located in the same building, where the company’s director, Mr. Tan, offered a guided tour on how 3D Printing has benefited his work processes such as digitalizing his molds without taking up physical space, and more.

Modern-Pak factory tour led by their director, Mr. Tan, and Creatz3D's Application and Sales Manager, Ms. Sally.

Rounding off the workshop was a presentation on MakerBot METHOD X – a capable desktop 3D printer for industrial prototyping. Another sample part, a sealing clip showcasing a new material – Nylon 12 Carbon Fibre, was given to participants, which demonstrated features such as snap-fit, thread plate texturing, print-in-place hinge, and a embossed logo.

Sealing Clip printed with Nylon 12CF on a MakerBot METHOD X 3D Printer.

Ending off, there was a networking session where participants had some of their doubts cleared and know where they stand if they wish for 3D printing adoption/integration.

Stay tuned for updates about the next workshop via our LinkedIn page.

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