Sisma MySint300 Metal 3D Printer

Bigger and Better

Introducing the new product from SISMA next in line to join the growing range of 3D printers offered by the company, the MySint300 accommodates the possibility of an increased building volume and is designed to ensure the best reliability in the production of small series and medium sized pieces.


Bursting with Enhancements

Packed full of nifty new enhancements and boasting a bigger build volume, the MySint300 Metal 3D Printer is sure to cater to your every need.



Patented Tilting Coater

Ensures repeatability and stability of the
process, allowing for a notable reduction of recoating time and significantly improving productivity

Removable Cylinders

Enable powder recharge to be fast and easy while also lowering the cycle restart time to its minimum

Long Life Dedicated Filter

Reduce maintenance required and allowing for convenient metal 3D printing


Building volume
ø 300x400 mm
Laser source
Fiber Laser 500W
Laser spot diameter
from 100 to 500μm (variable)
Layer thickness
min 20μm, typical 50μm
Production rate
Up to 25 cm³/h
Inert gas supply
Nitrogen, Argon – Azoto, Argon
Oxygen concentration
< 100ppm
Compressed air requirement
min 4 - max 10 atm
Power supply
400V – 3ph – 50/60Hz – 32A
Max power absorbed
Machine dimensions
3400 x 1400 x 1970 mm (LxWxH)
Net weight
3500 + 600 kg


Materialise Creatz3D Partner





Materialise Magics Software

Materialise Magics is a versatile, industry-leading data preparation and STL editor software for Additive Manufacturing that allows you to convert files to STL, repair errors, edit your design and prepare your build platform. With decades of 3D printing software experience, it sets the industry standard and is top data preparation software choice for companies worldwide.

Benefits of using Materialise Magics software:

Key Benefits

Extensive and user-friendly Programs

Smart data preparation process
Optimizes material usage &
success rates of printed parts

1 Software Platform used across
the different machines
Key Features

Import most file formats
Retaining native colour data

Repair errors
Create watertight data

Duplicate & Orientate parts,
Generate support for metal
and Stereo-lithography parts

Measure parts
View slices
Detect collisions
Save platforms
Generate reports

Add labels to your part.
Apply texture, create lattice structures

Perform Boolean operations.