J3 DentaJet 3D printer

A PolyJet printer for small to medium-sized labs which is available to produce mixed trays of three materials, including a large quantity of implant models, surgical guides, and gingiva masks, all on the same try and with unmatched accuracy. 


A PolyJet printer for small to medium-sized labs which is available to produce mixed trays of three materials, including a large quantity of implant models, surgical guides, and gingiva masks, all on the same try and with unmatched accuracy. 

J3 DentaJet is featured a larger print tray to maximize productivity in a limited space. It streamlines production by enabling unattended operation, reducing changeovers, and minimizing manual labor. With the ability to use different materials in a single job, it functions like three printers in one, allowing for versatile applications, such as printing implant cases with various components. The printer maintains unmatched quality and accuracy, producing highly precise parts from different materials in a single print, without compromising patient-specific requirements. 



Biocompatible materials

Flexible clear biocompatible material MED625FLX™



Biocompatible materials

  • Other models: orthodontic, removable, maxillofacial
  • Surgical guides
  • RPD frameworks (print up to 17 cases in 12hr29min)
  • Custom impression trays
  • Try-ins


Digital Model Materials  Unlimited number of composite materials 
Support Materials  SUP7 11TM (Wateriet removable) 
Max Part Size/Printing Area  140 x 200 x 190mm (5.51 x 7.87 x 7.48 in.) 

Up to 1.174 cm2 

Laver Thickness  Horizontal build layers down to 18 microns (0.0007 in.) 
Network Connectivity  LAN – TCP/P 
System Size & Weight  651 x 661 x 774mm (25.63 x 26.02 x 30.48 in.); 98 kg (216 Ibs.) 
Operating Conditions  Temperature 18 – 25 °C (64 – 77 9F); relative humidity 30 – 70% (non-condensing) 
Power Requirements  100 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 HZ, 10A, 1 phase 
Regulatory Compliance  CE, FCC, EAC 
Software  GrabCAD Print  
Build Modes  High Quality Speed (HQS) – 18.75µm
High Quality High Speed (HQHS) – 20.625µm
Long Print Mode – 18.75µm (allowing cartridge Hot Swap for selected materia)